Gordon C. Wong,
P.O. Box 1236,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, V6C 2T1,
September 1, 1988.

Mr. Peter Jennings,
c/o ABC Press Relations,
1330 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, New York,
U.S.A., 10019.

Mr. Jennings:

I've been patiently waiting to receive from President Reagan instructions telling me how he would have continue and/or complete my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" to his satisfaction...and receiving nothing from him.

As i remain responsible also for continuation and completion of the work on the basis of the SENIOR ADVISER TO THE YEAR OF THE CHILD authority, and a certain set of circumstances (relating to the affixations on pages 2. and 3. of the enclosed copy of the excerpt from my most recent report to President Reagan) is arising now that would require work by me on that basis that would seem certain to attract widespread international publicity--i decided to make this preliminary submission to ABC News, so that the three major U.S. TV networks have some awareness of the work and have available means to get in touch with me when they must.

I assume NBC and CBS aren't equipped to deal with document copy submissions (as i've sent them in past), and this may explain why there's been no public awareness to date of my work and the circumstances it's dealt with.
Rather, as i've pointed out numerous times to different individuals, i've borne in mind that as you reported on October 14, 1987--"glasnost" more closely translates as "publicity." And sources have recently revealed to me that over the last decade, Pretoria has spent about $110 million to spread "disinformation" about apartheid and conditions in South Africa in the West.
Well, as the two letters from Mrs. Alan Paton substantiate (copies of which are enclosed), i have a means by which i can respond to these "problems"--by preparing a book about my work.
But beforehand, as both authorities invested in my name since 1978 will continue in effect until i get written termination notices signed by the proper authorities (the U.S. President and United Nations Secretary-General respectively), anticipating that my next submission to "The Arab League" may result in another case like the November 3, 1986 Ash-Shiraa ("that rag in Beirut") article and create another "Irangate"...i decided to send you now the enclosures with my mailing address and a phone number to contact me via.

I rely upon the "competence" of ABC News re the contents of these pages from my most recent report to President Reagan. According to the returned Acknowledgement of Receipt for my July 5, 1988 registered letter #0328 to CONGRESSMAN Dellums (containing this portion of said report to President Reagan), it was received in Washington on July 12, 1988.
Before proceeding with a report on it, i suggest ABC News contact me.
On July 22, 1988, during the "ABC Evening News" you stated, quoting Kierkegaard, that:

"The tyrant dies and his rule ends.
The martyr dies and his rule begins."

At the age of 36, i'm not ready for that--so the Reagan silence disturbs me.
But realizing that Pretoria, Moscow, and the Arabs all have known since 1978 that i have the two authorities and they can't be terminated without those written notices, is some consolation, and perhaps should suggest to ABC News the basis of my present and continuing "concerns."

I remain, as always,

Gordon C. Wong
Phone: [no longer relevant]