Consideration of this implication led me to decide i should send this statement to you via the CHAIRMAN OF THE U.S. CONGRESSIONAL IRAN-CONTRA COMMITTEE rather than President Reagan--though i never indicated that President Reagan shouldn't be allowed to examine the statement to you as we would still require the White House's cooperation to obtain copies of the relevant documents we need...unless they, too, have been "shredded" (as were documents previously held by Lt.-Col. North, Admiral Poindexter, and others, i know and presume your investigations have revealed to you).

And if the U.S. Presidential documents were shredded, i can't see how we can avoid being victims of "manipulation and exploitation" by our adversaries or by impartial parties in the international diplomatic community inadvertently as it's hard to believe they would have shredded the documents they have relating to our present problems.

For a reason i will explain presently, Mr. Walsh, i will presume that the relevant U.S. Presidential documents have not been shredded.

Therefore, i especially recommend that you be given or that you request from the White House a copy of the U.S. President's authorization approving execution of this work (originally done by me according to the terms of agreement for his predecessor as are described in the aforementioned agreement) by other individuals below the level of authority of the U.S. President and without his active participation in the approval or disapproval decision-making process--or with it, depending upon what the U.S. President now wants us to believe. An active decision-making capacity for the U.S. President was the primary condition of the 1978 agreement applying to my work as SPECIAL DIPLOMATIC ADVISER TO THE U.S. PRESIDENT--work in fields that are now the subject of so much controversy due to this confusion about President Reagan's real role in the policymaking of his administration resulting from the administration's frequently changing stories about it.

While i anticipate that President Carter (and Walter Mondale, Senator Kennedy, Senator Dole, former PRESIDENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT Robert McNamara among the Americans) should be asked questions about this, insofar as my understanding of the reasons for this policy would seem relevant also presently, in regards to this--"the primary condition..."--as i understood it in and since 1978, it was because for a time i did have to make some decisions independent of President Carter's "approval or disapproval decision-making " authority as at that time when i did certain work now relevant again (underlined in my September, 1987 statement to U.S. SENATE MAJORITY Robert C. Byrd and SPEAKER OF THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Jim Wright), President Carter was busy with the Camp David Summit.
As that "situation" resulted from actions taken abroad beyond our control and could arise similarly in future before we could settle the existing differences on our side, this condition was included re whatever work i might have to add beyond the preliminary work so that...something like what is now being investigated would never happen and to substantiate that what did happen and the work done by me would be respected as "legitimate...International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis."
As these 1978 documents will also confirm, there were three other fundamental and essential conditions pertaining to completion of this "legitimate...International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis."
It should always contain the truth.
It should not risk human lives except in self-defense or in defense of our "best" interests.
And as should all competent and "legitimate" international diplomacy particularly when it does affect the safety of human lives--it should always express and epitomize "respect for the rule of law in international affairs."

It always has as it has been prepared by me.

Mr. Walsh, in regards to these conditions i've also requested that the White House provide you with copies of the documents included in the Canadian judicial process re my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" resulting from the 7 December, 1981 Employment and Immigration Canada decision to disentitle me to unemployment insurance for the reason stated (by them) on the bottom portion of the first attachment here.