Gordon C. Wong,

P.O. Box 1236,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, V6C 2T1,
Christmas, 1989 (December 31, 1991)...

Mr. Lawrence E. Walsh,
555 13th St. N.W., Suite 701 West,
Washington, D.C.,
U.S.A., 20004.


Though i got no replies from either you or U.S. SENATOR Daniel Inouye to the contents of my September 19, 1987 registered letter #9039 to Mr. Inouye containing a statement addressed to you, i've been trusting he forwarded what i requested to you.
If he didn't, please contact me so duplicates can be provided.

I suggest you read these contents in the order outlined by the List of Contents enclosed. I urge you to request from the addressees copies of every document described in term of reference a) here--taken from my (filed on May 05, 1989) 1986 Income Tax Return (a copy is enclosed).
And i particularly recommend to you that you insist upon being given copies of their authoritative responses to each correspondence.

There is a wealth of documentation all over the world since 1978 substantiating the work i did in 1978 to facilitate U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms reduction negotiations. Underlying every element of the work i did for President Jimmy Carter in and since 1978 (described in the enclosed copy of my 1990 resume) was each element's relationship with the broadest possible goal of lessening the likelihood of resort to the use of nuclear arms: a basis of understanding being established to negotiate elimination of nuclear arms.

Sir, there are circumstances now arising, some of which can be briefly described here, that strongly suggest that public attention in 1992 and beyond is going to again focus on the circumstances of "Irangate".
I am not certain you were ever given adequate authority or cooperation to really determine the truth about "Irangate".
If you were...may i ask if you already have copies of this Christmas, 1987 statement to South Africa's P.W. Botha and the terms of reference to it?

I can't see how you could have figured out what likely happened (and where to look and what to ask for...such as the reactions to the aforementioned 56 registered letters) unless you knew what was explained to Botha four years ago.

And i want you to know that i was originally going to send you this registered letter as my first one of the new year until i found out yesterday how massive are the price increases for registered letters and postage between our two countries to go in effect on January 1, 1992.
If you understand that my income is as indicated by the affixation on the List of Contents for this submission and that with the coming new year $80.25 of that had to go to renew the post office box (and this month about $65 of that was spent on my telephone and cable bills--never mind the costs of the season and the fact that my youngest brother is getting married today and of course a gift had to be bought)...i trust you understand why i'm sending these things now and why i'm suggesting what i am now further.