Excerpt from JanuaryEXACTDAY, 1983 statement to then-Leader Of The Official Opposition Joe Clark and then-New Democratic Party Leader Ed Broadbent:


And in this context, perhaps the passage frommy March 1980 "work-in-progress" report, from the February 1980 Playboy magazine interview with former White House policy adviser Patrick Caddell, also should be repeated. It said:

"PLAYBOY: But isn't that the basis of our system: competing self-interests?

CADDELL: Not to the exclusion of national interests. De Tocqueville wrote 140 years ago that when self interest began to predominate to the exclusion of everything else, it would ultimately lead to the breakdown of the conditions of freedom. Self interests are fine within the framework of an agreed-upon national interest. That is what some scholars call CIVITAS, or the covenant, within which various demands among peoples and groups, Government and the special interests are met. Without such a restraining context, the result is chaos. In America today, the covenant is threatened."

(I also attach a recent Vancouver Sun article about Prime Minister Trudeau's tour of the Far East. I believe we should wonder why he resists his responsibility to speak on this concern as it applies to us at home as well.)

The third article on the page about the Middle East is directed to President Carter One of my "ideas", from 1978-and-forward foundations, concerns settlements.
It would be appropriate in the context of a broadest pursuit of peace and justice.
But achievement, again, requires consultation, negotiation, and "hard work".

Gentlemen, i am saying that i "cleared the way" for the Reagan administration or President Carter to deal directly with Prime Minister Trudeau in 1982 prior to the invasion of Lebanon, because the Prime Minister forced me to "disassociate" myself from his government's policy. The Americans may have had to view this the same way.


As we know, Prime Minister Trudeau was reluctant to become more involved in the Camp David aspect of my diplomatic work in 1978, and wished for it to be limited.
It has been, for which i owe my gratitude to the Americans and certain past and present U.N. officials.

Regardless, i have added important elements to that undertaking and without Prime Minister Trudeau's cooperation, to resolve the East-West misunderstanding--which relates to it in the manner explained in this letter--by paying me for the work for Mr. Robarts, and giving me access to the 1977-78 reports, the Reagan administration may have their hands tied, faced with pending, public knowledge.
I would not favour this being our "third option" in application.
I came to Ottawa last year with this awareness and concern.
As you know, i pointedly cautioned Prime Minister Trudeau about ill thought-out proclamations about the subsequent invasion, in a statement given to him at that time.
I bear in mind the extreme sensitivity of this continuing crisis, as i hope you will.

I have Lebanese-Canadian friends and feel bound to express some suitable concern on their behalf, as i am able to, with the influence i have.
This also applies to my Afghan-Canadian friends. I will attempt to contact them to discuss the reference to them in the May 1982 report. In fact, i have taken steps for that purpose already. I knew them through other friends and i am trying to find them but as yet have been unsuccessful.

I recall being advised in 1978 by my friends that concern for our ethnic and cultural roots is important and influential but firstly--we are Canadians. (John Diefenbaker...)
I bear this in mind still, as a valid and intelligent point of principle, as a Canadian born with Chinese and Polish and Swish ancestry.
This is the "idea" of the New World i envisioned and which was contributed to the undertaking leading to
the C.B.I.--the Caribbean Basin Initiative.
I have a book titled "The Colonial Heritage of Latin America" by Stanley J. Stein and Barbara H. Stein.
I qualified my involvements in the economic issues as there may be cause in future, in this context, for them to be accurately known.
I also have a book titled "The Essence of Security-Reflections in Office" by Robert McNamara.

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the former U.S. Defense Secretary and World Bank President.
Mr. McNamara quotes a passage from Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken"*, which, coincidentally, i unknowingly at one time considered titling my lyric "The Soldier", or my book about this work (should it prove to be an accurate summation).
That passage reads:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference."

In their book, the Steins quote this passage from Walt Whitman's 1855 book "The Prairie States":

"A newer garden of creation, no primal solitude,
Dense, joyous, modern, populous millions, cities and farms,
With iron interlaced, composite, tied, many in one,
By all the world contributed--freedom's and law's and thrift's society,
The crown and teeming paradise, so far, of time's accumulations,
To justify the past."
--"Leaves of Grass"

As i said, my involvement in the American nuclear arms reduction programme did not concern the numbers and, as i reminded Prime Minister Trudeau pointedly, well prior to this date--the whole undertaking was only one aspect of a broader, more ambitious and important 'dream': peace with justice, security, and dignity for individuals. As you likely know, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Mrs. Kirkpatrick is an academic expert in the Latin-South American field.
I'm making no promises on not disclosing these most recent parts of my work because my musician friends and i supported that broader dream and are bound to see it become the reality for the future--for ourselves, for our parents, and for our children.
(We may find that President Reagan's concern about "Soviet dupes" will lessen once this does become public knowledge.) In the ways we are each best able to.**

*-1916 by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc.
Copyright 1944 by Robert Frost.


Peace is not the product of dupes.

It is the ultimate incarnation of humanity as God wills it.

**- During his April 14, 1993 appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live", Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, commenting on his book "===", stated he wants it judged on a basis of "fairness, tested by the criteria of truth." He goes on to say that, "I think peace depends upon...I don't think...peace can be built in the Middle East based upon falsehood."
"And every man's augury have We fastened to his own neck,
and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book
which he will find wide open."
--Surah XVII, "The Children of Israel", "The Qur'an"


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