"...a possible misunderstanding has to be eliminated. Recognition that the 'social question' has assumed a worldwide dimension does not at all mean that it has lost its incisiveness or its national and local importance. On the contrary, it means that the problems in industrial enterprises or in the workers' and union movements of a particular country or region are not to be considered as isolated cases with no connection. On the contrary they depend more and more on the influence of factors beyond regional boundaries and national frontiers.
"...In fact, if the social question has acquired a worldwide dimension, this is because the demand for justice can only be satisfied on that level. To ignore this demand could encourage the temptation among the victims of injustice to respond with violence, as happens at the origin of many wars. Peoples excluded from the fair distribution of the goods originally destined for all could ask themselves: why not respond with violence to those who first treat us with violence? And if the situation is examined in the light of the division of the world into ideological blocs--a division already existing in 1967--and in the light of the subsequent economic and political repercussions and dependencies, the danger is seen to be much greater.
"...(H)ow can one justify the fact that huge sums of money, which could and should be used for increasing the development of peoples, are instead utilized for the enrichment of individuals or groups, or assigned to the increase of stockpiles of weapons, both in developed countries and in the developing ones, thereby upsetting the real priorities? This is even more serious given the difficulties which often hinder the direct transfer of capital set aside for helping needy countries. If 'development is the new name for peace,' war and military preparations are the major enemy of the integral development of peoples."

--from "On Social Concern", Encyclical Letter of JOHN PAUL II

List of Contents for December 12, 1988 submission to SOVIET GENERAL SECRETARY Mikhail Gorbachev:

1) seven-page statement to SOVIET GENERAL SECRETARY Mikhail Gorbachev, dated Christmas, 1988; with copies of these terms of reference included:

    --affixed to page 1., 23/11/88 GAiN cheque of Gordon Charles Wong,
    --affixed to page 2., December 1, 1988 The Province article, "Racism bad for business",
    --affixed to page 3., October 16, 1988 The Province article, "Almost a world war",
    .--affixed to page 5., November 16, 1988 The Province article, "GUNS ON GUARD",
    --affixed to page 6., October 4, 1988 The Province article, "BURNETT FIGHTS SOVIET BOOZE",
    --affixed to page 7.,
    a) excerpt from October 15, 1988 Vancouver Sun containing:
    b) September 26, 1988 New York Times article, "Soviet-West Ventures Still Small and Cautious",
    c) page containing:
    d) page containing:
    e) excerpt from "The Jewish Connection" by M. Hirsh Goldberg--copyright 1976 by M. Hirsh Goldberg,
    f) page containing:
    g) page containing:
    h) page 3. of November 12, 1985 statement to U.S. SENATOR Edward Kennedy, with affixed copy of September 11, 1985 The Province article, "Check me--Reagan", and
    i) August 30, 1988 Vancouver Sun article, "Writers blame U.S. for Cold War".

2) correspondence copies according to list on the reverse of this page.

3) copies of terms of reference to the December 16, 1987 registered letter to PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA Pieter W. Botha. (A list for these is attached to 7) here addressed to Mr. Peter Jennings, ABC News.)

4) copy of portion of final report to President Ronald Reagan; with List of Contents attached to the face.

5) copy of the April 1, 1982 "Supplementary Record of Claim--Statement of Observations to the Umpire"; with attachment containing quote of Edmund Burke taken from "Reflections on the Revolution in France".

6) copy of "Umpire's Decision", dated February 24, 1982 on the face.

7) copies of September 1 and 2, 1988 statements to Mr. Peter Jennings, ABC News; with List of Contents for September 1, 1988 statement on the face.

October 5, 1988 The Province

Mikhail Gorbachev's alma mater, Moscow State University, yesterday awarded honorary doctorates to Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith and British writer Graham Greene.
Galbraith was honored for "his services in the development of sciences and the humanities," the official Tass news agency said.
Greene's doctorate is for "outstanding services in the field of literature and in the strengthening of friendly contacts with the Soviet Union."

Mr. Gorbachev: There is the one other consideration in addition to those for the contents here.
I still haven't sent out the submissions to all the participants to the April, 1986 "Vancouver Centennial Peace Festival". (Please note the affixation to page 1. of my formal statement to you in this regard.)
A key reason is that, since so much has developed since i sent out the first few--including the one to Georgi Arbatov (who was actually represented at the event by his deputy, Vitaly Zhurkin)--i can't see how only equivalizing what was sent to Mr. Arbatov would suffice now and for the already foreseeable future.
Noting the affixation about another participant to that event, John Kenneth Galbraith, and reminding you of the contents herein, i advise you that i appreciate adequately how they may react if they find nothing from Ronald Reagan and/or you in response to "(my) present situation" but "blank pages."

I would appreciate being advised by you if Mr. Zhurkin remains in his 1986 posting, and can be contacted by me still c/o "The U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences".