List of Contents for the May 21, 1988 submission to Reverend Jesse Jackson:

(Lists of Contents and terms of reference according to them are provided here where necessary.)

1) three-page statement to the Reverend Jesse Jackson, dated May 21, 1988; with copies of these terms of reference included:

2) copy of May 4, 1988 statement to GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS Michael Dukakis.

3) copy of May 7, 1988 statement to DIRECTOR-GENERAL: FOREIGN AFFAIRS C.M. Lloyd of the Botha regime.

4) copy of May 10, 1988 statement to Reverend Jesse Jackson with attached copies of April 25, 1988 correspondence from the Honourable Ms. Pat Carney,

5) copy of May 14, 1988 letter to Mrs. Alan Paton.


Reverend Jackson: The remainder or the enclosures are arranged in chronological order as they were submitted except for what were used as terms of reference for John J. Phelan, Jr. on February 6, 1988. You might choose to read them in the overall chronological order or as outlined here.
Either way. i'n sure you'll understand this by bearing in mind the chronological order and that half of the word is 'logical '...


6) copy of July 2, 1985 statement to Mr. Clovis Maksoud, "The Arab League".

7) copy of March 31, 1986 statement to the press. (I emphasize term of reference a) to this to term of reference b) to my statement to you, copies of which will be included in the pending submissions to "The Arab League" and "Islamic Conference Organization".)

8) copy of August, 1986 statement to SOVIET GENERAL SECRETARY Mikhail Gorbachev.

9) copy of August, 1986 statement to Mr. Maksoud.

10) copy of September 9, 1986 statement to Mr. Tom Brokaw, NBC News.

11) copy of February 5, 1988 statement to Mr. John J. Phelan, Jr., CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE; with, as terms of reference to it, copies of:

12) copy of February 6, 1988 statement to ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS.

13) original (of) document for President Reagan; with copies of these terms of reference:

14) copy of March 22, 1988 statement to Ms. Carney.

15) copy of March 25, 1988 statement to Ms. Carney.

16) copy of March 28, 1988 statement to PREMIER OF BRITISH COLUMBIA William H. Vander Zalm.

17) copy of March 29, 1988 statement to Ms. Carney.


Reverend Jackson: There are three terms of reference to be included with the final report to President Reagan re the references here to the child molestation problem.
Given the difficulties you've been facing with the press and your Democratic Party colleagues, i'd like to request also that you advise them i'll be sending correspondence copy submissions next week to Andy Young and Reverend Sullivan, with advisements to them that I've asked you to bring to the attention of the Democratic Party Platform Committee the contents of my submissions to you.
Well in advance of the July l8, 1988 Democratic National Convention, I'll send you the "KIDS FOR PEACE" and "We still have a dream" buttons with the final report to President Reagan early next month.