GORDON CHARLES WONG was born to Charles and Zena on February 3, 1952, the eldest of four children, in Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada (now known as Thunder Bay).
Yes, many Saturday nights when he was a teenager, he was at the Fort William Gardens listening to Paul Schaffer's band, The Fugitives, and legend has it that it was the aforementioned that a girlfriend of the time got him on stage with to sing 'Let The Sunshine In' on one such halcyon night. Mr. Wong advises that, along with reading the occasional issue of Ramparts or the Berkeley Barb (or the odd copy of Canada's own Georgia Straight), his participation in that event pretty much sums up the extent of his 1960s “activism.”
He scrupulously protects his personal life for the reasons he says 'What Lies Beyond This Door', his first collection of poetry, ought to make clear, adding that if there is anything others can learn from his experience (that isn't better learned from their own experiences), it will be found in his writing.
He will say that he is a monogamous heterosexual, has no interest in changing or compromising that preference, and, no matter what the tabloids may say, has never fathered the child of an extraterrestrial, assaulted a member of the paparazzi (though the future is unknown, he advises, alarmed that so many celebrities have parented E.T.s…), or seen Elvis selling hot dogs at a ballgame. He continues his writing.