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President Botha, i am satisfied that i've given you more than enough reasons in this submission to believe there will soon be widespread publicity about my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" in and since 1978. Therefore, it is just as apparent that i should have the right to expect a response by the Prime Minister of Canada presently...and that i have the right also to express my disappointment that it's taken this long for the Canadian authorities to get around to dealing with "(my) present situation."

Just as "all of us" will get a truer picture of you from how you choose to respond to this submission to you, so "all of us" will get a truer picture of Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney from the way he decides to deal with "(my) present situation."

This issue can be set aside until the conclusion of this statement to you so that we can deal with the issues probably more important to you, to South Africans, and to "all of us".

As you know, President Botha, i am neither a supporter of nor an apologist for apartheid--and never have been either in past.

I have enormous and undying respect for my parents. My father lied about his age and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force to fight for Canada against the "systematic racism" of the Nazis in World War Two--and was the only Chinese- Canadian from our hometown to go to the front (according to the book, "Polyphony", about the Ontario community, brought to my attention by my mother in a letter this month). My mother quit school while very young to support her family and contribute to the Canadian war effort by working in a local factory.

Our family has a long and unwavering "commitment" to the "principles" in human relations that apartheid systematically opposes.

And what our family believes in is typical of the vast majority of Canadian families--and families throughout history, as i believe is made clear in the "AUTHOR'S INTRODUCTION" for my forthcoming book.

That understood, President Botha, i think it's necessary presently to think over the circumstances described in this submission to you and ask the obvious question posed by them.

The Commonwealth Conference did not address directly any of these circumstances involving me, who started a lot of the continuing anti-apartheid policy development since 1978. Yet and despite the fact that the Commonwealth Conference didn't raise them, undoubtedly there were a number of Commonwealth leaders who may have expected public discussion of my work (recalling what is said here about my two April 2, 1986 discussions with the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner and also the contents of my April and July, 1986 registered letters to him)--and would have welcomed discussion of it in that forum.

President Botha, do you suppose that the following week after the Commonwealth--bearing in mind what the attachment reveals had already happened or was (and still is) building in fields my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" has "influence" in--the stock markets reacted to the simple mathematics that for the supposed safety of British, West German, and American investments in South Africa--presumably only "safe" if they do not interfere with, but help with the maintenance of apartheid--a far greater foreign investment total ($200 billion in Africa alone according to this attachment as annotated) was/is endangered?

I would hasten to point out here, President Botha, that i did anticipate this development long ago, and actually brought it to your regime's attention by means of the June 30, 1986 submission to Glenn Babb with the request that you respond to the questions i raised then about South Africa economic "principles."

And i also point out to you, President Botha, that in the first week of December, 1987 when i began this, Bob Geldof was again in Ethiopia because the 1985 aid and that provided subsequently by governments and international aid agencies--as CANADIAN AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS Stephen Lewis stridently emphasized on November 17, 1987 in Zambia (according to the second item in the pertinent attachment here)--has not proved sufficient.


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