List of Contents for the September 9, 1987 submission to the U.S. CONSULATE Public Affairs Department (Vancouver)1:

1) one-page statement to U.S. CONSULATE, Public Affairs Department,1 dated September 9, 1987.

2) copy of the March 26, 1984 letter from the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

3) page containing copies of:

September 9, 1987.

Public Affairs Department.1

To Whom It May Concern:

According to what was agreed as a result of my September 4, 1987 discussion with a representative of the U.S. CONSULATE Public Affairs Department,1 i am providing you with my home address and a telephone number i can be reached by means of.

As i explained to the lady on your staff last week, i did work in the field now being studied by the U.S. Congressional Iran-Contra Committee and INDEPENDENT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR Lawrence Walsh when a representative of the Carter Administration.
I offered testimony to the Congressional Committee last December but was not asked to go to Washington for this purpose since.
This would not preclude the necessity of such testimony for Mr. Walsh in future and i requested that the U.S. Consulate be able to forward communications to me from him or the White House or the Congressional Committee in the event that Canadian mail services are discrupted shortly by a postal strike.

Should a strike not take place, presumably the aforementioned will contact me via my post office box as i maintain it for such purposes.

I believe the White House may regard the SPECIAL DIPLOMATIC ADVISER TO THE U.S. PRESIDENT authority held by me since 1978 as still in effect2 so certainly, should they choose to contact me via you at this time, you can count on my cooperation.

A copy of this statement to you will be included in the registered letter to be sent to Senator Daniel Inouye within the week.
It was the policy of the Carter Administration re my work that i document each step and retain copies for future reference and use.3

I remain, as always,

Gordon C. Wong
[no longer relevant]
British Columbia, Canada

telephone: c/o [no longer relevant]

The SPECIAL DIPLOMATIC ADVISER TO THE U.S. PRESIDENT authority has been accountable to the authority of the U.S. President.
There was no intermediary authority i owed responsibilities to, although i did certain work for Vice-President Mondale and other American authorities in 1978,4 according to the governing agreement.5
President Reagan never advised me of any modification of this status.

1-explain about hanging up on Carter in 1978 and then going in to see U.S. Consulate staff member a few days later/also explain about the 1--well not 1 afterall Canadian given political asylum

2-non-inteference and still hostages being held
3-HR 13500 and documentation in 1978 that i keep a diary--as Jimmy Carter did--so i could write a book about this/no confidentiality because of Beatles and others and honesty principle
4-explain about nuke freeze for Fritz, Dole 2 for 1 reductions plan, Scoop Jackson 1978 help re Soviet Jews and letter from Helen in 1983?/also mention McNamara statement re SDI and expanded developmental aid--particularly to Latin America vis-a-vis first 1978 phone discussion with Desmond
5-link to 1st Walsh page 3 re 3 conditions and Jane Pauley in 1978 and Flora Lewis in 1983