As soon as i could, i explained this to the Western authorities who should know because of the way the work had been done in and since 1978.

And as it happens, UNITED NATIONS ASSISTANT SECRETARY-GENERAL Goran Ohlin was due in Vancouver only a few weeks after i talked with Desmond, for "The Vancouver Centennial Peace Festival" in part staged by..."End the Arms Race".
Given that Desmond's staff had kept calling me "Mr. Wong of UNICEF" during our preliminary discussions--presumably because this was what i was in part in 1978 while doing what is described here and they knew this--i phoned both Mr. Ohlin and UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL Javier Perez de Cuellar to arrange to meet with Mr. Ohlin while he was in this city for "The Vancouver Centennial Peace Festival" and give him certain document copies about this matter.

Also, anticipating that your regime might do anything possible (as i note in the statement to Babb) to try to force the issue and discredit me or partisans to my work's objectives, i made individual statements to the other peace festival participants about this "situation."

President Botha, i was not able to believe that there would be no publicity about the fact that, on the date of his first press conference calling for economic sanctions against South Africa, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu had purposely taken the time (we arranged to talk to one another the previous week, as you know given the obvious and sloppy tap on the telephone line to the Johannesburg Anglican Christian Church Diocese) to talk with me twice.

Accordingly, because my work in relation to South Africa begun in 1978 was not the be all, end all of what my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" had then included and planned for since, again with respect for the "best" interests of the popular entertainers, clergy, and private citizens who would be affected by this publicity, as well as towards success of all the goals in my work, i decided around this time that i had no other "alternative" but to make direct statements to Mikhail Gorbachev and "The Arab League" advising them of this circumstance. I explained that if there was widespread publicity about my 1978 work in the field of apartheid, there logically should be subsequent awareness of my work relating to nuclear arms reductions and "legitimate" and durable "peace, security, and justice" for the Holy Lands. (After all, ignorance that i had done work in all these fields might easily lead to "problems" and potential evolution of dangers that would risk the safety of "all of us.")
And as in the case of what was said to your regime via its former ambassador to Canada, i suggested to both of them that certain practices by them at that time, if judged in relation to what was recommended to them originally in 1978 as parts of my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis"...would undoubtedly be condemned by the world and they should consider certain steps to avoid that.
I sent a registered letter to Gorbachev on August 6, 1986 (received on August 17, 1986) and made a submission to "The Arab League" via the UNITED NATIONS ASSISTANT SECRETARY-GENERAL on August 18, 1986 (received on August 22, 1986). Basically, both were appeals to "conscience."
On November 3, 1986, Ash-Shiraa published the first report about the Reagan arms sales to Iran and "Irangate" began to unfold.

It doesn't take a great intellect to tell, even from what i've described so briefly here, President Botha, that there is a relationship between my "International Diplomatic Work...on a direct basis" and "Irangate".

As a result, in lieu of instructions from President Reagan how i should deal with this... "(my) present situation"...as an honest man with obvious ethical responsibilities as an international diplomat, i sent substantive registered letters to U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER Robert C. Byrd on December 24, 1986 (received on January 2, 1987) and SPEAKER OF THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Jim Wright on December 29, 1986 (received on January 5, 1987) bringing these matters to their attention.

I promised Jim Wright an additional registered letter after i examined the emerging scandal and my unshredded document copies more closely.